Phantom Outdoors Catch the Hammer Past Winners

John from Virginia wins the 2021 Phantom Outdoors Catch the Hammer contest with a big 6.65 pounder! Nice fish John!!

Gary from Virginia wins second place in the 2021 Catch the Hammer Contest with a nice 6.08 pounder caught on September 13th.

Luke from Delaware wins the 2020 Catch the Hammer contest with a BIG 8.59 pounder caught on August 5th.

Second place was Kennard from Virginia with a nice 7.97 pounder caught on July 21st!

Gary from Virginia wins the 2019 Catch the Hammer contest with a 7.79 pounder caught on October 3rd. Nice fish.

Gary backed that on up with a 7.12 pounder caught on May 27th.

Bill from Pennsylvania wins the 2018 Catch the Hammer contest with a nice 6.90 pounder on April 19. This was Bill's personal best!! Congratulations Bill!!!

Kevin from Maryland wins the 2017 Catch the Hammer contest with a 6.28 pounder caught on June 27. Nice fish Kevin!!!

Gary wins the 2016 Catch the Hammer contest again with a 6.98 pounder!!!!

Gary from Virginia caught the winning fish, a beautiful 6.98 pounder on March 22, 2016. Great fish Gary!!!

A 5.38 pounder wins for 2015!!!!

Gary from Virginia wins the Catch the Hammer contest for 2015. On the week of Thanksgiving, Gary booked two full days and a half day trip. On those three days Gary caught a 4.80 pounder, a 5.09 pounder, and on the last day a 5.38 pounder to win the contest. Thanks to all that fished with me this past year and good fishing Gary!!!

4.80 pounder 5.09 pounder

5.38 pounder

Video of the 5.38 pounder catch on November 25, 2015

Bill from Virginia sets the new Hammer mark on August 12. Bill caught a nice 4 pound 8 ounce bass to take the lead.

Alec from West Virginia has tied the contest with another 2 pound 6 ounce catch on June 11.

Gary from Virginia sets the "catch the Hammer" mark at 2 pounds 6 ounces!!!