North River:

North River stretches 18 miles from the upper river near Indiantown Creek to the mouth which empties into the Albemarle Sound. North River starts in the upper part with dark tannic water with cypress trees and stumps to the middle and lower sections that is more saltmarsh and reeds. There are nine major creeks that empty into the river before it reaches the sound. North River was the fishery that the winner, Jack Hains, fished in the 1975 Bass Master Classic. The classic anglers launched daily from Kitty Hawk Bay and fished the Currituck Sound area.

East Lake / South Lake:

East Lake and South Lake are really not lakes in the ordinary sense of the meaning. East Lake and South Lake are really more like bays that are just about land locked off the Alligator River and Albemarle Sound. The waters are brackish with the tannic stain covered with stumps and logs.

Tulls Creek:

Tulls Creek is a small tributary in northern Currituck County that empting into Tulls Bay. Tulls Creek has tree lined banks with tannic water.

Depending on the current fishing hot spots, your adventure could take you to the other area rivers:

Pasquotank River, Yeopim River, Perquimans River, Scuppernong River, Little River, and Currituck Sound

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