Largemouth Bass Fishing:

Spend the day hunting and trying to pattern largemouth bass in the brackish water near the Outer Banks. You will ride in a tournament ready bass boat, equipped with the best electronics and duel Power Poles. We will fish different techniques to see what the bass prefer during the day.

Light Tackle Fishing:

Do you want to catch a bunch of fish and up to 10 different species? Well, the light tackle adventure is for you. You will ride in a tournament ready bass boat to the rivers and tributaries to catch everything that bites. In this adventure you will use ultra-light fishing equipment to possibly catch largemouth bass, sunfish, shell crackers, white perch, yellow perch, chain pickerel, bowfin, warmouth, crappie, and catfish. Since our waters are brackish, you will also have the chance to catch some varieties of saltwater fish on this adventure such as red drum, flounder, sheepshead, striped bass and more. This adventure is the best pick for father/son, father/daughter type trips. The action is usually steady and casting ability is forgiving.

Light Tackle Video

Watch the Cork

Sometimes you just need to sit back and watch the cork!!! Relax and have fun fishing like you did when you were a kid. This is a great adventure for the kids too. Action is usually pretty steady using crickets, grubs, or what ever we need to get a bite. So come sit back and watch that cork!!

Learn all about the Humingbird 360

If you are interested in purchasing or you have a Humingbird 360 unit and want to learn more, just let us know and we will take time during the trip to show you this ground breaking technology.

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