If you have any questions about your adventure, look for them in the questions below. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at (252) 202-3112 any time and we will be glad to discuss any questions or concerns. Once you have decided on an adventure and date, please call us to verify the date is open. Once the date has been set we will ask you to make a deposit to hold the date. You can make a deposit by going to the “Rates & Trips” page and use the PayPal feature beside the adventure you wish to hold. Your date will be held for 3 days waiting for a deposit. After 3 days and no deposit we will have to open the date back up for other anglers.

What should I bring ?

Make sure you watch the weather and dress in the appropriate clothing. A hat, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen, and rain gear (if needed).

Should I bring something to drink and eat ?

Backwater Adventures will have water, Gatorade, and ice on the boat. Please bring any other drinks and food you wish to carry. We can meet at a place for you to purchase food, drinks, and breakfast if you wish. Just let us know.

Do I need a fishing license ?

Yes, you will need a valid N.C. State license for the day(s) you are fishing. You can purchase the license online at http://www.ncwildlife.org/ or you can locate a tackle shop once you arrive and purchase a license there.

Non-resident fishing license: 10 Day - $23.00

1 Year - $45.00

Resident fishing License: 10 Day - $ 9.00

1 Year - $23.00

What time do we start ?

We like to start our adventure at daybreak if possible (that’s when the fish eat!!!!.) We are happy to work with you and start at a time that will work with your schedule. Remember, times will change depending on the time of year.

How do I pay?

To keep prices as low as possible, we only accept cash after the trip is over. I am not setup to take credit cards but I will accept Zelle.

Do I need to bring fishing rods and tackle?

We will provide all rods and tackle. If you prefer to fish with your own, you may bring them with you. We will provide room for storage.

How many fishermen per trip?

The trip rates are for 1 or 2 guest fishermen.

Do I fish during your trip?

Most of the time no, I want you to have first shot at the aggressive and feeding fish. You are not paying me so you can see me catch fish. The only time I will fish is to see if the fish have gotten on another bait or style of fishing. Once I can determine that I will set you up with the new bait or technique and you will be on your way.

What is our fishing seasons?

We fish year around, as long as the lure does not bounce on the water. We rarely have ice on the water and when we do, it only lasts a few days. I have had trips that caught bass when the water temp started in the morning at 39 degrees. Call if you are interested during cold weather and I will let you know what we have been catching.

Why do you practice catch and release on your adventures?

The freshwater fisheries in the Outer Banks area are very fragile and are greatly effected by the hurricanes that we regularly experience. Strong winds during hurricanes push water out of the rivers and water from the surrounding swamps drain into the rivers and removes the oxygen in the water, and cause massive fish kills. The more fish we keep in the population the faster the fishery will recover after a devastating hurricane.

Where do I meet for the trip?

Most of our adventures will start at the NC Wildlife Boating Access Area on Waterlily Road in Coinjock, NC. The GPS address is 482 Waterlily Road, Coinjock NC. The GPS will actually take you past the access area, but look for the fire department on the right and access area will just past the fire department on the left. Once you turn on Waterlily Road from US 158, the access area is 1.8 miles. I will meet you down at the dock at the prearranged time. Please call my cell at 252-202-3112 if you have trouble locating the ramp.

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